For Individuals

Getting preventative care or care for your chronic medical conditions shouldn’t be as hard as it is. That’s why digital health solutions have been built, to make that as effortless - and affordable - as it should be.

Experience this before?

  • Long drives to doctor's offices?
  • Waiting to see a doctor for hours?
  • Get an unexpected high bill for a simple visit?
  • Feeling sick and don't know where to go?
  • Searching for care online but not finding any answers?

We all have!

Getting the right healthcare at the right time, shouldn't be this difficult!

Virtual care solutions are here to make managing your health easy, convenient, and affordable!

What is Digital Health?

Digital health solutions are synonymous with virtual healthcare or telehealth. They are websites, mobile apps, and wearables that allow you to access care from anywhere, whether it is video-calling a doctor, receiving automated insights, or even tracking your health metrics.

There are over 3000 digital health solutions available today, with more launching daily!

But only 24% of people are aware of even one digital health solution (let alone, using it!)*

*Architect Health patient survey

That means more healthcare that’s saving you money right at your fingertips!

Digital health has been well established as a cheaper alternative to traditional in-person care, without sacrificing quality.

**There are over 570 published studies on the efficacy of digital health
So How Do I Get Started?

Architect Health is here to help

We help individuals access and engage with digital health solutions directly through their health insurance with proactive, personalized recommendations.

We'll find the perfect telehealth solutions for you that are actually covered by your insurance and more affordable that other forms of care

We empower you with options
and choice with clear, transparent information that makes it easy 
to shop

We bring the entire world of 3000+ telehealth solutions to your doorstep with information on their specialties, benefits, features, costs, and more!

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