Digital Health Quality Index

We are building the world’s first-ever, comprehensive digital health quality index. We vet every telehealth vendor on the market on clinical efficacy, company reliability, and health equity to both drive upcoming RFP processes as well as diligence existing telehealth portfolios.

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Our Methodology


Evaluating digital health ability to achieve desired health outcomes effectively and reliably in real-world clinical settings.

  • Clinical publications
  • ROI/engagement data
  • Patient reviews
  • Care model

Company Reliability

Evaluating consistent ability of digital health organizations to deliver products, services, and support in accordance with expectations, standards, and committments.

  • Company years of operation
  • Compliance (eg., HIPAA, SOC2, HITRUST)
  • Amount of Funding
  • Number of Employees
  • Number and Scale of Customers

Health Equity

Evaluating a digital health company’s ability to provide accessible and inclusive healthcare services to all individuals.

  • Data collection (eg., SDOH)
  • Underserved customer profile representation