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Evaluating Effectiveness: Toward a More Nuanced Approach in Digital Health Assessments

It's been super fascinating to see early findings from, and reactions to the Peterson Health Technology Institute (PHTI) Diabetes Management Program evaluation. It's a problem area that we at Architect Health think about daily.

Take a look for some of our thoughts on how we could improve upon this work, and drive better evaluation of digital health solutions without limiting advancement of innovative care tools.

April 2, 2024

A big focus for a lot of health plans I've talked to in the last few months?

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services initiatives around Health Equity.

In particular, the way health equity measures will be factored into Star Ratings for Medicare Advantage plans has been a hot topic.

CMS expects 13% of contracts to lose one-half Star (and 2% to gain one-half Star) as a result of the health equity index being implemented. This won't start until the 2027 Star Ratings, but the data used will be from 2024 and 2025.

This will lead to $670M in program savings for CMS in 2028… through a reduction in rebates to MA plans.

Health Equity has been a persistent challenge in U.S. healthcare broadly, and one that has come under increased focus in recent years. With even more dollars on the line, plans are increasingly focused on collecting and acting upon data to promote health equity.

Stay tuned for some exciting updates on how Architect Health has built health equity into our solution for health plans and employers… 🔜

March 18, 2024

Had a really thought provoking week at AHIP’s Medicare, Medicaid, Duals, & Commercial Markets Forum.

Was really inspiring to see some consistent themes throughout:

🟰Advocating for Health Equity

📈 Increasing Access to Care

🤝🏾 Meeting Members where They Are

Glad to see old colleagues and meet new connections, and excited for all the work we have ahead of us!

March 12, 2024