For Health Plans

The most innovative health plans are constantly thinking about ways to improve access to high quality, low-cost 
for their members.

Digital health and telehealth adoption have become vital parts of that movement, but the influx of thousands of point solutions has made it difficult to track member engagement, outcomes, and ROI.

That's where we come in.

Health plans struggle with point-solution fatigue and lack actionable member data.

Overwhelming influx of digital point

Limited data on member preferences for existing and new benefit use

Low utilization of covered digital solution benefits

Engaging with members and building trust is challenging

Architect Health Improves Digital Health Access, Cost, and Outcomes

Reduce Spend
on Unused Benefits

Leverage data to help prune unused, but costly benefits.

Increase Use
of Cost-effective

Drive members towards low-cost alternatives to preventative and chronic care.

Improve Satisfaction
and Trust

Build deeper relationships with your members by helping them find care more easily.

Optimize Vendor Management

See utilization and engagement data across digital health vendors in one place.

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