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Take Control

of Your Health.

Manage Your Chronic Conditions With Ease.

SuperchargeYour Digital Health Navigation.

Architect Health helps health insurance companies steer members to personalized telehealth options driven by their specific needs, health profile, and coverage.

Architecting the Future of the Digital Health Landscape

Our Mission

Equitable access to quality healthcare has always been a challenge, further underscored by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Our mission is to increase access to convenient, effective, and low-cost virtual preventive and chronic care, and give patients more agency in making their healthcare decisions. 

Rapid innovation has resulted in thousands of cutting-edge virtual and digital health solutions across a variety of health areas. We exist to connect patients to the ones best fit for them.

No more guessing how to take care of your health. Receive personalized recommendations for care you need, directly through your insurance.

Take Control
of Your Health.

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