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Our Story

Two Parallel Paths...

9 Years in the Making.

Meet Our Founders

Sohum & Sidd met at a summer science research program as kids. Since then, the healthcare system has impacted them on both personal and professional levels.

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Personal Experiences with Digital Health

Sidd, an avid collegiate soccer player, has been plagued with chronic conditions like mental health, back pain, musculoskeletal injuries, and surgeries for years.
Despite working at a digital health startup, Sidd had no way of knowing which solution would be best for him. Having consulted for major health plans, he knew his insurance wouldn’t help.


Sohum consulted for major health plans and noticed they were interested in digital health for care management programs, but didn’t know which solutions their members would actually use, causing “point-solution fatigue”.
As a venture studio director, he found digital health startups struggled with GTM and high cost of DTC marketing.

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The Rest of the Story


Even as insiders in the healthcare system, neither Sohum or Sidd could easily find digital health solutions they knew existed. With rising costs only further blocking access to high quality care, a fundamental shift of how patients are able to engage with the healthcare system is needed to make access to care a reality.  

Our Mission

Equitable access to quality healthcare has always been a challenge, further underscored by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our mission is to increase access to convenient, effective, and low-cost forms of preventive and chronic care, and give patients more agency in making their healthcare decisions. 


Rapid innovation has resulted in thousands of cutting-edge virtual and digital health solutions across a variety of health areas. We exist to connect patients to the ones best fit for them.

Our Investors

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