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Getting preventative care or care for your chronic medical conditions shouldn’t be as hard as it is. That’s why digital health solutions have been built, to make that as effortless - and affordable - as it should be.

What is digital health?

Digital health solutions are virtual-first telehealth or wearable apps that allow you to interact with physicians and receive care from wherever you are.


There are over 3000 digital health solutions available today, with more launching daily...

...but only 24% of people are aware of even one digital health solution (let alone, using it!)*

*Architect Health patient survey

They work
how the healthcare

was meant to…

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There are over 570 published studies on the efficacy of digital health.**

…while saving you money.

Digital health has been well established as a cheaper alternative to traditional care, without sacrificing quality


Architect Health
is here to help. 

We help individuals access and engage with digital health solutions directly through their health insurance with proactive, personalized recommendations. 

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Better understand your covered digital solutions

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Find more convenient, cheaper care

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Have the world of digital health at your fingertips

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